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APS (Arno Profile System) Assessment

Personal assessment completed online.

The temperament identification provided in the APS report identifies three separate human interactions: Inclusion (social orientation/intellectual energies), Control (decision-making abilities or inabilities), and Affection (interaction in deep relationships). It also identifies each one of these interactions in two ways: expressed (what we say we want), and wanted (what we really want). The APS does not measure a person’s behavior like a personality test does, which can change throughout a person's life. Rather, it identifies a person’s inborn temperament. Psalm 139 speaks of it as our “inmost being."  Who God created us to be (temperament) and who we become (personality) through learned behavior, can be vastly different. From that comes great inter-/intra-personal conflict. As we find out who God has created us to be “in our inmost being,” and who we are in Christ, the new nature, we can begin to make different choices. By doing this, we can learn to operate out of the temperament strengths God has given us, and learn to walk in the Spirit as we realize who we are in Christ; thereby, overcoming our temperament weaknesses.

Type of APS Assessments


Personnel (18 & up)


Available for

Children Ages 7-11

Teens Ages 12-17

Adults 18 & Up


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